Spokes in WH-7850 for 45mm deep Rims
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    Spokes in WH-7850 for 45mm deep Rims

    Hi, I made dumb (impulsive) purchases and brought two Rovals rims not realizing the rear wheel usually do not have 20 holes. Then I made second dumb purchases, base on info from bikeforums*net (the dura ace 7850 have "regular straight pull spokes"), the WH-7850 hub - that make the guy in bike shop not twice happy - he can not fit in any spokes.
    Find out (see link below), the hub use278mm spokes long for C50 rims and I have 45mm rims. My question is, would mavic spokes from 45mm rims fit in WH-7850 (and of course which ones) or do You have any other "fitting" recommendation.
    And if not, would be a problem drilling 4 more holes (cross) in to rim? Thanks a lot guys for any edvice an sry for my english.

    Y-012 AB787 Spoke (278 mm)
    s-l1600 (1).jpg
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