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    Straight pull hubs, spokes interlacing - yes or no?

    Hi Guys,
    I just wanted to hear your opinion regarding interlacing spokes (physically crossing) using straight pull hubs.
    I see that some people do cross spokes and some do not. Obviously were talking about 2x or 3x lacing.

    Whats your take on this? Any experience?

    Im asking as recently I was building a wheel based on powertap GS hub and I did the interlacing as per manufacturer recommendation.
    I must say that I had serious troubles to true the wheel and keep the equal spoke tension at the same time. Looking closer to the hub and the way the spokes were running I noticed that by interlacing them the spokes were significantly curved at the cross section which caused that they were not running in straight line from hub to the rim. The hub spoke wholes are widely spaced so Im scratching my head if the interlacing was really required.

    Thanks for putting your 2-cents on this one
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    They definitely don't have to touch. On most of the wheels like this that I see they don't, and I've built a few and laced them so they didn't. I'm sure someone will post a good reason one way or the other but my experience has been that they're ok not overlapping physically.
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    The only thing that interlacing them does is normalize the bracing angle between heads in and heads out (or leading and trailing on a straight pull hub) spokes. I've test built several j-bend spoked wheels without interlacing and it works 100% fine.

    If you are going to torture the spokes to get them to where they can interlace, then don't. But also, if you are lacing a straight pull hub where there is that much of an angle to get them to interlace, then you are dealing with a hub that has a flange design that isn't that great. I don't love straight pull hubs because this is often the case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by November Dave View Post
    I've test built several j-bend spoked wheels without interlacing and it works 100% fine.
    I've been tempted to do a non-interlaced j-bend set of wheels for myself for years. I've never read, with an acceptable explanation, of why we interlace spokes. "Because we've done it like that for a hundred years" doesn't count.

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