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    Is there a need to cover valve hole with tape when sealing rims with tape for tubeles

    I just finished sealing rims (Kinlin XR31t) with tape andcut out a fairly large opening in tape around valve stem hole so valve stem O-ringcould contact rim directly. I put in anounce or so of Stanís sealant pumped them up to 40 and they seem to be holdingpressure o.k. (went down to 38 psi after 24 hours).
    After, I read that you are not supposed to cut a hole out ofthe tape, but rather just poke a little hole in it.
    Does it matter ? Isthere a difference if o-ring sits against rim or tape ? Any other issues ?

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    I heat up a spoke and melt the hole. Poking or cutting can result in a tear and then problems w/ sealing. The o-ring goes on the outside under the lockring, not the inside.


    Is there a need to cover valve hole with tape when sealing rims with tape for tubeles-tubeless-conversion-9-stem-nut.jpg
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