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    Tires for an older Cannondale

    My wife's got a 2010 (or thereabouts) Cannondale CAAD8. As I was checking the tires recently for a ride, I noticed the sidewalls were cracking a little. The current Zaffiros are a great tire, but not exactly what she's looking for in a ride. I'm concerned with the maintenance end of things; those tires are a bugger and a half to get onto and off of the Maddux rims.

    So, what's out there that's a little bigger than 25c but will fit into a CAAD8 frame, has a little more cushy ride, can handle maybe a mile of gravel at a time, and is fairly easy to put on and take off of a wheelset?
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    The CAAD frames are a tight fit. What size are the tires she has on there now?

    There is no good-for-all tire.

    Continental tires generally run a bit wider than their stated widths. For a supple tire, many here swear by Continental GP4000. I don't have personal experience with these.

    If you want something bombproof albeit with a bit more harsh ride, there is the Maxxis Re-Fuse. I run these at lower pressures to offset the harshness.
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    I don't think the CAAD geo changed until CAAD10.

    My CAAD5 has loads of clearance around it's 25 mm tires. 28 mm would be no problem.

    Just eyeball the clearance you have now. It's not hard.
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    The LBS has these guys in stock, and they highly recommended them for the aforementioned CAAD8:

    However, I'm all ears if anyone can recommend a touring tyre that's around 25c and cost $25 or thereabouts.
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