Trying to decide....
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    Trying to decide....

    Been looking into a new set of “gravel” wheelset. I’m 5’8” and 136 lbs. I was set on the Enve G23, but then was introduced to the Enve g M525. I ride mixed gravel and some mtn biking trails. Believe or not, really enjoy the climbs. I can get the m525 g for about $300 less than the g 23s. Besides being slightly lighter (g23) would love to know any other user insights into these two wheels to help make my decision. Both have dtswiss 240s.

    Thank you!

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    The G23's are narrower at 23mm internal width so they will keep a gravel tire a bit narrower which may open up your options for rubber depending the clearance your bike has. Also, the G23s are going to be able handle a narrower tire because of the internal width. There's probably other nuances, I would call Enve and ask them for their perspecitv, they are very helpful.

    I have the G23s and no complaints, they will be on the bike for Dirty Kanza this year. If you watch for sales, you can get them well under the MSRP, picked them up for 25% off.
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    What width tires do you plan on using for these wheels? If this is a gravel bike, I'm guessing you will be using something in the 30-40mm range. If so, I would not use a rim wider than 23mm internal.

    Wide rims are good up to a point, but if you go with too wide a rim, your tire will have a "bell" profile and sidewalls will be more prone to cuts.
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