• 02-16-2010
    Tubeless with non-tubeless tires
    Is this possible to run non-tubeless tires tubeless with sealent by using the stans kit?

    I'm thinking of converting my Mavic Krysrium SL with Mich Pro3 tubeless or Continentals gp 4000s. I'm 138-140lbs. If this works I may try it on my Mavic Cosmic Carbone (aluminum rim with 52mm carbon edge).

    Am I wasting my time or is it worth it?

  • 02-16-2010
    Waste of time. It is the tubeless specific bead on the tubeless tires that make it work at high pressures, certainly more so than any other factor. And unless you plan to run low pressure (25-40 psi), you'll blow the tire off the rim way before you get to a reasonable psi for road use. Ghetto tubeless has had alot of success in the cyclocross world because they are running much lower pressures.
  • 02-16-2010
    Wouldn't try it
    From everything they say, is you will spin your tire right off. I got a Stans setup and it works great. Sealant, tape, valve and two Hutchinson tires. Like said before the bead on standard tires is not set up to handle the no tube setup.