Tubes and tires on 1990s Raleigh road bike
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    Tubes and tires on 1990s Raleigh road bike

    I purchased a Raleigh road bike off craiglists. It's in great condition and was most likely not ridden a lot because it still has its original tires. One of them has a slow leak and id like to replace although the tire is so old and corroded I can't read the size on it. I've heard from bike knowledgable friends that the size/air pressure on these older bikes might be a little different. Does anyone know what that might be? I'm not sure the exact year of the bike, although around mid 90s.

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    Probably 27 x 1-1/4". It could be 700c size (the modern road bike diameter). If you see a size on the tire side wall, can you give us a wheel diameter? Measure it in any units you want and we'll just compare to 700c and I think I have a 27" wheel around here somewhere.

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    Yeah, what he said. Look all over both tires and both rims and see if you can find either a "27" or "700." It's one or the other.

    It's tricky to figure it out by measurement, since the difference in diameter is so small (8mm) so you'd have to do a really careful measurement.

    That time period is about when road bikes in the U.S. were in transition, but if it's really as late as mid-90's I think it's likely to be the newer 700c.
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