Wheelset Upgrade Suggestions
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    Wheelset Upgrade Suggestions

    I am not going to rush into buying a new wheelset just yet but would like to know what some suggestions are given my answers to the questions below. Let me start by saying I have a 2012 2.3 Trek H2 that currently has OEM Bontrager Race rims/hubs and an ultegra 10 sp cassette (upgraded from Tiagra).

    1. Why do you want new wheels? What's wrong with your old ones?
    There is nothing wrong with my current wheels but if there is a good enough deal to make it worth making a "splurge", I would like some ideas.

    What are you old ones? (rim name, hub name, spokes, their numbers)
    Current rims/hubs are Bontrager Race (OEM)

    3. How much do you want to spend?
    My max budget would be $500 but ideally would like to spend $300-350. If that price point doesn't offer a "worthy" enough upgrade from what I currently have, I could move closer to $500.

    How heavy are you?
    During the riding season, I range from 165-175. In the winter time, I get up to around 180.

    Do you ride "light" or "heavy"? Are you powerful or smooth?
    I am more of a "light" rider spinning around 85-95 RPM.

    6. Have you had problems with your current wheels and if so, what?
    I haven't had any problems with my current set.

    What condition are the roads in that you ride?
    I live in Johnson County, KS (25 miles south of Kansas City) and the roads are pretty smooth. I would characterize the terrain as rolling hills. There are some steep inclines around but nothing that lasts more than a mile or two.

    What tires, widths and pressures are you using?
    I currently use Vittoria Rubino Pro III 23mm: 105 PSI front and 115 PSI rear. I just ordered the same tire in 25mm and will try running them at a slightly lower PSI.

    What do you expect from your new wheels that your old ones can't deliver? (be reasonable and realistic here!)
    I wouldn't mind a new set being a little quicker for acceleration and climbing ability. I am never going to be a sprinter but would like to be able to be quick coming out of a turn or climb a little quicker.

    What are you going to use the wheels for - recreational riding, touring (loaded), training, racing, general purpose?
    I am really just a recreational rider putting in about 200-300 miles per month on top of running 100 miles a month to stay in shape. I usually sign up for duathlons or half marathons just for personal satisfaction. I might at some point want to try a criterium/road race but not yet.

    Do you want custom hand-built (designed for you) or factory pre-built?
    No personal preference.

    Do you want wheels that are easily repairable with readily available, reasonably priced spokes and rims or are you ok with maybe having to ship your wheels back to the factory and wheels that contain expensive, proprietary spokes and possibly un-obtainium replacement rims?
    No personal preference as I am going to keep my OEM wheels so if I had to send them back, I still have those to use.

    Do you need 11spd compatible wheels (can be used with 8 ~10spd cassettes too by using a spacer) or are 10spd wheels ok? (can only be used with 8 ~ 10spd cassettes). Edit - This info is for Shimano & SRAM related cassettes; not Campagnolo.
    I currently run a 12-25 Ultegra 10 sp but I don't mind getting a wheelset designed for 11 spd and a spacer for 10 sp compatibility.

    Do you want the wheels to be oriented towards "aero" or "light"?
    More "light' than "aero".

    Do you want to use regular clincher, tubeless, or tubular tires?
    I want to stick with regular clincher tires.

    Aluminum or carbon rims?

    Rim brakes or disk brakes?
    Rim brakes

    Rear hub width? (120, 126, 130, 135MM)
    I'm sorry, I don't know the current width from looking online or from my manual when I bought the bike.

    19. Do you want adjustable loose ball bearing hubs (almost exclusively Shimano) or cartridge bearing hubs (almost everything else)?

    I would say no preference but I am not really sure which is "better" (I say that loosely).

    Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If any further information is necessary to know, I will be happy to answer anything.


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    Do you think any of the recommendations in the four dozen or so other threads asking for new wheels suggestions might be applicable to you?

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    No disrespect but how many wheel suggestions are from riders with same body type, riding ability, road conditions, wheelset purpose, etc. I don't want to get into a p*ssing match with you over this but you also didn't have to respond if you didn't have anything of value to respond with. I think I would get the idea if nobody responded.

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    Boyd's 30 mm Rouleur wheels are on closeout for 2015 for only $300 ($100 off). The 20/24 spoke count weighs 1527 grams, or you can opt for the 24/28 count (add $10) and increase the mass to 1582 grams.

    30mm Rouleur Clincher CLOSEOUT!! - Boyd Cycling
    Ghurarmu shirkush’ agh azgushu. Zant ya apakurizak. Gűl-n’ anakhizak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmeierant12 View Post
    No disrespect but how many wheel suggestions are from riders with same body type, riding ability, road conditions, wheelset purpose, etc.
    More than a few, I'll reckon. Your weight, abilities and purpose are fairly common.

    Take a look at the threads. There's a lot of good info there.

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