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    Question Why No Love For 3 Spoke / 5 Spoke Wheels?

    I am new to the world of road bikes and was wondering why I do not see many riders using 3 spoke and 5 spoke wheels on their bikes. I notice that they are usually used on track bikes, mostly with a 3 spoke out front and a disk in the rear. I assume that this for the aero benefits.

    Surely there must be a reason that they not too popular with most riders.

    -Would these aero benefits not also apply to outdoor road use?
    -It is an issue with the crosswind effect? A subject that is fairly new to me.
    -Are they cost prohibitive? Though I notice that some are similarly priced to "regular" name brand carbon wheels.
    -Wouldn't they be more durable than "regular" wheels since they do not need to be trued?
    -Possibly an aesthetics thing? I can imagine that it is a hate it or love it design
    -Are they viewed as "dorky/flashy" in the cycling community?
    -Do most riders simply not ride at a level that would require/justify their use?

    What are your opinions on 3 spoke / 5 spoke wheels for ? If the cost was not a factor would you have them on your bike?

    Forgive me if this topic has already been addressed. I did a quick search but could not find anything on this topic

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    Not legal for mass-start races. Heavy. Crap in windy conditions. The 5 spoke that the majority use on the track is the Mavic Io, w/ the Comete disc in back. They are heavy, did I mention that?
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