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    Wide aero carbon rims/wheels need advice

    Hi guys I'm new here to get your suggestions.

    I'm building a road/gravel bike and my last component to chose are wheels. I have a pretty good budget, but let's say Enve wheels aren't in my reach. I would've loved a pair a 4.5 AR disc, but to expensive.

    My setup will be minimum 28mm to 32mm tubeless tires on disc brakes. So I want wide wheels (minimum 21mm internals). I looked and looked and nothing seems to be exactly like I want.

    I thought of building a pair and it's still in my options. If I do, I'll be using White industries CLD hubs with either CX-Ray or Laser spokes. But it's for the rims that I don't know where to go.

    I don't want to go to open mold brands, I don't trust them even if a lot of people are happy with them.

    From what I found in the good price are Pacenti 50mm tubeless disc (a bit narrow on the external, but I could deal with it if the reviews are very good). I also thought of Hunt 50wide, but since I saw their video of them developping a new wide aero disc wheel, I'd prefer to wait but for how much time ?...

    So as you can see a lot of things are mixed up in my head, so I come here to get your advices of wheelset or rims.

    thanks !

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    The Pacenti rim is the only one I see that matches your requirements. The Enve rims are expensive, but custom builds are often less than what Enve charges.

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