Will a 25c tire on a 19cm rim ≈ 23c tire on 24cm rim?
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    Will a 25c tire on a 19mm rim ≈ 23c tire on 24mm rim?

    It seems like from what I've read, a 23c tire on a wide (24mm) rim will measure closer to 25c. If I have wide rims (24mm) and want to race on 25c tires, would it be better to go for 23c tires since they will measure close to 25c while the actually 25c tire will measure closer to 28c? Thanks for your help, I'll try and link to a couple examples of where I got that info.

    Source1: "If you put a 23mm tire on a 19mm-wide rim, it will measure narrower than the same tire on a 22mm-wide rim."- Choosing your tire width - Slowtwitch.com
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    If you have a 24 CM wide rim it's definitely not for a bicycle ;)

    24CM = 9.44 inches....

    As a side not I'm not sure why some tires are labeled 25c instead of 25mm.

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    Hahaha ****, I should have caught that! Thanks for pointing that out.

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    Implications of Rim Width - Slowtwitch.com

    The 17C designation refers to the internal width in mm. Probably a 23-24mm outside width will be a 17C rim.

    Although just outside the recommended area on the table, a 23mm tire is fine on a 17C rim and will measure about 25mm actual. You should treat the tire pressure as if it were a 25mm tire, so 100 psi max.

    And as you say a 25mm tire will end up closer to 28mm. This is a combo I have.
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    ^^^pretty much^^^ I wouldn't hesitate to go to 110 or even 120 psi, but there's rarely need or benefit in doing so.
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